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Penwortham Broad Oak

Primary School

RE (Religious Education)

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Our Intent for our Religion and World Views Curriculum

Our RE curriculum is designed to meet the content requirements of the agreed syllabus. There is a set amount of time specified in the agreed syllabus for each religion. 


Our Implementation for our Religion and World Views Curriculum

Our RE lessons are based on a key question for each year group, we make connections and collect clues to help us to answer the question . Our work is concept driven and we often focus on key words to develop religious literacy and equip us with the skills we need to discuss religion. We don't use individual books to record our work in every lesson as we are instead developing the skills needed to access Religious Education like debating and group work, however you can see samples of our lessons in our class floor books. We currently learn about Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism in Key Stage One, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism in Key Stage Two.  We have regular visits and visitors as part of our RE curriculum and have outdoor learning opportunities on our school grounds. RE lessons often include Philosophy for Children , circle time, critical thinking, learning from believers (email or twitter interviews, visitors, film clips) and opportunities to unpack concepts through drama, art and ICT. Our RE helps us to learn about diversity in the UK and around the world. RE is taught weekly.


The impact of our Religion and World Views Curriculum

Through our sessions, children should be able to access their key words to help them to discuss, recall knowledge and understand religion in society. Specific skills for Religious Education will have been developed including;



  • retelling religious stories
  • recognising symbols
  • sharing my opinions
  • asking questions
  • responding positively to differences and similarities 


  • making connections between words of wisdom
  • can reflect on their own values and those of a believer
  • can understand different ways of life and ways to express meaning
  • can ask and have the skills to answer, ultimate and ethical questions from their viewpoint and that of a believer
  • discuss issues and support the development of community cohesion whilst challenging prejudice 


Our ongoing skills development include Critical Thinking, Religious Tolerance, Investigation, Interpretation, Reflection, Evaluation, Analysis, Synthesis, Application, Expression, Self Understanding, Communication, Problem Solving.

Our developing attitudes in religion and world views include Self Esteem, Curiosity, Fairness, Respect, Empathy, Wonder, Open-mindedness, Working with others, Sense of Community.


Additional opportunities for RE include visits to local places of worship.  We take part in the Christmas and Easter service each year.


Our Curriculum




Key question – Why are some things special?


Year 1


Key question – What do people say about God?


Year 2


Key question – How do we respond to things that matter?


Year 3


Key question – Who should we follow?


Year 4


Key question – How should we live our lives?


Year 5


Key question – Where can people find guidance on how to live their lives?


Year 6


Key question – In what way is life like a journey?

Christmas at church

Year 5 did a great job of telling the Christmas Story in church on Thursday 7th December.   The choir sounded beautiful singing Away in a Manger. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 sang some brilliant songs too.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

RE Curriculum Booklet