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School Logo

Penwortham Broad Oak

Primary School

Home School Agreement



Behaviour Management/Discipline

The aim of the school is to create responsible, well-disciplined individuals. All of our pupils are encouraged to behave as good citizens. We work in partnership with parents to promote high standards of behaviour and discipline. The Home-School Agreement is a basis of the partnership. The signing of the data collection form is also an opportunity for parents to sign to agree with this agreement and the other policies of the school.


Home-School Agreement


School agrees to:
• Provide a secure and happy environment.
• Encourage all children to do their best at all times.
• Encourage all children to take care of their surroundings, other’s belongings and everyone in the school.
• Inform parents of their children’s progress or concerns that affect their children’s work and behaviour.
• Inform parents of the main areas to be taught each half term.
• Keep parents informed about school activities.
• Encourage all children to abide by the school rules and promote the school ethos.


Family agrees to:
• Make sure my child arrives at school on time and is collected on time.
• Make sure my child attends regularly and provide an explanation if my child is absent.
• Encourage all children to abide by the school rules and promote the school ethos & policies.
• Support my child with homework.
• Make sure my child attends school in school uniform.
• Avoid taking holidays during term time wherever possible.


Together we will:
Work in partnership to provide opportunities for all the children at Broad Oak Primary School to achieve their potential.