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Penwortham Broad Oak

Primary School


World Book Day


This year we asked the children to create a 'Story in a Jar', where they recreate a scene from a favourite book inside a glass jar. We has so many amazing entries it was hard to choose, but here are the winners:

Epilepsy Awareness Day


We asked the children to wear something purple on Friday 25th March to help raise awareness for epilepsy.

Red Nose Day


Red Nose day was on Friday 18th March.


We asked the children to dress in red in exchange for a £1 donation and red noses were available to buy in the week before.



We had a non-uniform day on Friday March 11th where children wore their own clothes in exchange for bringing in a donation of chocolate or an Easter egg.


We had a chocolate tombola on Wednesday 16th March where children tried to win Easter eggs and chocolate.

World Book Day


World Book Day was on Thursday 3rd March.


We asked the children to come dressed as a favourite book character, or bring in an item that represents the character.

We had a special menu for lunch and the juniors were able to buy a special treat for morning break.


There were lots of fun book related activities throughout the day!

Our Whole School Art Project - 'A Message in a Bottle Top!'

Felt Making Workshop in Year Six

Years 5 & 6 At Parliament 2019

On Thursday 19th September Year 5 and Year 6 had the chance to go to London for the day to visit the Houses Of Parliament. (You just have to love the book Caleb chose to read on the way!) The children were really excited from the moment we got to Preston railway station as not many of them had been to the capital before.


Once we arrived at Euston, it was straight on the Tube to Trafalgar Square, then down The Mall to Buckingham Palace. From there, it was on to Parliament for an escorted tour. The children learned all about how the two houses and The Queen work together to pass laws and how democracy works in Britain. It was then back onto the Tube again, heading towards the stunning London Bridge and the Tower Of London. After lunch by the Thames, it was straight on to a tour of the warship H.M.S. Belfast, which the children and adults found fascinating. The trip back to Euston at rush hour was a little hectic but thanks to Virgin Trains, once there, it was totally hassle free. We had an amazing day out in the London sunshine and were very proud of how well-behaved the children were throughout the day.