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Penwortham Broad Oak

Primary School

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School Logo

Penwortham Broad Oak

Primary School


About Axia


Axia is a foundation trust comprising of five local schools- Penwortham Broad Oak, New Longton All Saints, Lostock Hall Community Primary, Tarleton Community Primary, and Bamber Bridge St Aiden's.


The trust first became active on 1st April 2021 and has helped to forge closer links across the community, as well as provide a wide variety of enriching experiences for our children.


Broad Oak Mission Statement


Broad Oak Primary School is dedicated to celebrating the success of individuals and groups where they are empowered to exceed their own expectations and to make a valuable contribution to their society.


Through a caring, safe, supportive, and challenging ethos, we pride ourselves in delivering an excellent quality of education, where mutual respect and opportunity for all are combined with the values of community life.



This is achieved through the following aims:


  • to provide a secure, caring environment
  • to promote self-discipline, moral values and self-esteem
  • to develop each child according to his/her potential
  • to encourage an enthusiastic attitude to learning
  • to promote the growth and development of a partnership between the school, the home and the wider community for the benefit of the children



At Broad Oak we are:


  • A successful school
  • A happy school
  • A creative & innovative school
  • A hard-working and purposeful school
  • A school which values partnership with parents
  • A school at which pupils’ efforts are valued
  • A school which sets and maintains high standards
  • A school which provide equality of opportunity


Axia Vision and Values


Vision: is of a strong family of inspiring schools that serve our local community and contribute fully to the provision of education in the area and collaborate with other partners to achieve common goals.


‘Collaboration, Innovation, Community’


To achieve our vision, we will:


· Continue to develop our child focused, high quality teaching

· Provide a relevant and exciting curriculum

· Teach our pupils to be good citizens

· Develop lifelong learners

· Ensure we meet the need of our individual communities


Values: Axia Learning Alliance is founded on the values of:


· Being none competitive or judgmental

· Being outward facing and forward thinking

· Having a commitment to being fully inclusive

· Being collaborative

· Ensuring we work in an ethical way

· Respecting our autonomy

· Sharing our resources


For our church schools this is also embedded in the Christian faith.


We are a group of schools that celebrate our individual character. Our schools may have different systems, pedagogies and cultures, but we understand the need to focus on learning and the impact of teaching to improve outcomes for children and young people in our schools. Together we will endeavour to ensure that the children and young people in our schools receive a rich variety of learning. This commitment to developing a high-quality curriculum, delivered by well trained, effective teaching and support staff, and the sharing of expertise is at the heart of our vision.