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Penwortham Broad Oak

Primary School

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School Logo

Penwortham Broad Oak

Primary School

Clubs and Activities




The school is fortunate that teachers and teaching assistants give up their time at lunchtime and after school to organise school activities.


Activities arranged may vary according to the time of the year and the interests of the staff and children.  In the past, they have included clubs for Netball, Football, Badminton, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Fencing, Tai-Chi, Chinese dance, Choir, Chess, Construction, Art, Photography, Music and Baking as well as many others.




Clubs This Half Term


  • STEM club will be running after school on Thursdays for Year 5 
  • Football, netball, and skateboarding will all resume soon



Clubs need to be booked via Scopay. Most clubs are free of charge.



  • We are also running lunchtime clubs for digital leaders, choir, school council, and eco.




Cooking Club


The children have been creating all sorts of tasty food, and learning lots about cooking.


Here they are making some lovely bonfire night apples:






Eco Committee


Our eco committee this year are:









Digital Leaders


Miss Gregory has been working hard with our school digital leaders to promote internet safety throughout the school. They are being trained so that they can assist their peers and children lower down the school to use computers safely and effectively.