Religious Education

Through teaching RE we aim to look at a variety of religious traditions and beliefs and see how these ideologies effect people on a personal level and society as a whole. Each year group address an overall theme and during the course of the course of the year they look the different religious traditions and how each of these traditions relates to the theme. Our infant department cover the themes of ‘community’, ‘God as creator’ and ‘worship’ – using Christianity, Hinduism and Islam to explore these themes. Our junior department looks at the themes of ‘founders and leaders’, ‘living the faith’, ‘scared texts’ and ‘life as a journey’. They cover the traditions of Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Christianity as they explore these themes. At Broad Oak we believe in leading the children’s learning in R E through questioning and allowing them to explore their own beliefs as well being respectful of the beliefs of others.

Curriculum Overview

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