At Broad Oak we aim to give the children a broad and balanced musical education. They will learn about:

  • Performing
  • Composing
  • Describing Music

They will cover a wide range of musical aspects and be offered the opportunity to:

  • Play a musical instrument as part of a whole class in Year 2. At the moment the children are learning to play the Ocarina.
  • Sing as part of a whole school choir.
  • Investigate the History of Music.
  • Create and experiment with different sounds and instruments.

Individual instrument lessons are also available through Lancashire Music Service, the instruments offered at the moment include Keyboard and Guitar and Violin.

Our Choir and musicians are given the opportunity to perform within whole school assemblies and out in the community at events as varied as ‘carols at Booths supermarket’ and Priory Nursing Home.

Take a look at this term’s topic letters for more details of the music curriculum in each class.