A Great Day Out In London.

On Friday 29th September, twenty six Year 6 children along with seven staff members, ventured down to London to visit Parliament. For the majority, this would be their first trip to the capital and the children were very excited.

After arriving at Euston, we then took the Underground to Leicester Square. The children loved the excitement of the tube, although it was a little testing for the staff!  We then walked and walked, then walked some more taking in the sights and hopping on and off underground trains.

The highlight of the trip was when we looked around Parliament. We got to see some of the highly decorative reception rooms, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Unfortunately, we were only allowed to take photographs in one area due to security measures. After the tour, the children took part an interactive quiz to test their knowledge of the law making process. Congratulations go to Maddison, who showed great  knowledge and understanding and who would make a great future Prime Minister. The children then had their very own debate, choosing to vote on whether we should have a three day weekend. (What an inspired  idea that was!) The children had to come up with arguments for and against the motion and act it out like they would in the Commons and the House of Lords. In the end, the ayes had it but the Queen has yet to ratify their decision!

This trip was an amazing opportunity for the children and one which will stay long in their memories. They were an absolute credit to the school and must be congratulated on the way they conducted themselves throughout the very long day.