Year 5 Taster Day at Hutton

The Year 5 boys had a fantastic day at Hutton Grammar School yesterday.  In the morning, they had to solve clues to find out which teacher had stolen a school trophy. They did this by analysing fingerprints,  doing chromatography tests on ink left at the scene of the crime and examining fibres under a microscope. The most exciting test they had to perform however was saved until the last – the flame test! The boys got to use a Bunsen burner to test different chemicals and absolutely loved this activity.

There were then maths problems to solve for another ‘who done it’ where all the clues were in the form of different types of code, including Morse code. After lunch it was on to drama to find out ‘Who killed Mrs Scarlett’, (It was her husband!) and a treasure hunt. The boys also loved the stage make up session and most came home, to the horror of their parents, with black eyes and huge bruises’ and cuts!