Automata in Year 5

Last week, the Year 5 classroom was transformed into a carpentry workshop for the day thanks to Brian Kenworthy of Transtech. The children each got to make a moving wooden model featuring either a car or a helicopter and learnt all manner of new skills. They first had to sand down the wood for a wooden frame, then nail it together. Next, they had to create their design feature by cutting around a template on a solid block of wood. They had to use a coping saw which was an extremely tricky new skill to master and then had to file and sand their model down. Next came the pillar drill which they used to create the holes in the frame and the design feature. Finally, the children had to measure and saw the wooden dowels for the cams and piece it all together. The results were outstanding and Brian was thrilled with the effort the children put in and the finish they achieved. He later admitted that this lesson has been used as a Year 8 design technology project at the high school he teaches at!

The children had a great day and learnt lots of new skills and we look forward to working with Transtech again later in the year.