Filming With B.B.C. Countryfile !

What an amazing day Year 4 had filming with the B.B.C. for their Easter Sunday edition of Countryfile! Broad Oak got involved in the project through our ex-pupil, Joe Brown who delivers eggs to the school every week and runs an online blog about his egg business. Matt Baker met with Joe on Hurst Grange Park in the morning of Friday 31st March, while professional egg artist, Linda, decorated eggs in school with Year 4.

The class then travelled down to Avenham Park where they met up with Matt Baker and the team. The children continued designing & decorating eggs before rolling them down the hill, tradition in Preston on Easter Monday. It was an experience the children and Miss Pattinson will never forget.

Countryfile was on Sunday 16th April on BBC1 @ 7pm.

If you missed it, click here to catch us on BBCiPlayer