Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Mrs Wilson is our teacher this year supported by Mrs Scanlon and Mrs Richards.

Please find attached our latest topic letter:


Year 5 Visit The Library

Year 5 visited the Kingsfold Library this week to learn about all the different services they offer. They looked at all the different genres of books available and those children who had their own library cards, were able to chose their own books to take home. If your child is not yet a member of Kingsfold Library, why not take them along so that they too can access the many thousands of free resources they have. They are also running lots of exciting activities over the Easter holidays, so why not pop along.

Celebration Of Friendship 2019

This week, the annual Celebration Of Friendship was held at the Preston Guild Hall with a programme of music and dance from sixteen local schools. Broad Oak were represented by thirty children from Years 3 to 6 who performed a dance routine to a medley of songs from The Greatest Showman. Despite the very long day, the children were an absolute credit to the school  from the moment we left at 12.30, to us handing them back to their parents at 9.30 at night. They rehearsed on the massive main stage and watched all the other acts and we even squeezed in a trip to McDonalds before the evening performance. A huge thank you to all the staff, especially Louise Ross, their dance coach, and to the many, many parents who came to watch. I'm sure you will agree that the children were magnificent.


Upper Junior Party

Today it was the turn of the upper juniors to have their party. Some of the games were hilarious and we even had a real live elf join us!


Year 5 Taster Day at Priory Academy.

This week, Year 5 had a fabulous taster day at Priory. The children started the morning questioning some ex- Broad Oak pupils about what life was all about at high school. Dillon, Beau, Aimie and Amelia were faced with a wide range of questions from 'What is your favourite subject?' and 'Who is your favourite teacher?' to 'What are the school dinners like?' and 'Will I get lost?'  The Year 7's answered honestly and showed great maturity.

After the question and answer session, it was on to English with Mr Caddle. All the children worked extremely hard and really impressed the Key Stage 3 teacher.

After a short break and a piece of toast, it was on to practical science, where the children looked at chemical reactions Miss Conyngham . They all loved using the different chemicals and showed great listening skills.

After that, the children made bread with Miss Lewis-Lavender and thoroughly loved the experience. Congratulations to Hasnain who was named 'Star Baker' for his perfect bread plait. After lunch, it was badminton with Mr Bullock, which some found easier than others!

Thank you to Mrs Farley, the Priory Transition Manager  for organising such a great day.


Year 5 Taster Day at Hutton

The Year 5 boys had a fantastic day at Hutton Grammar School yesterday.  In the morning, they had to solve clues to find out which teacher had stolen a school trophy. They did this by analysing fingerprints,  doing chromatography tests on ink left at the scene of the crime and examining fibres under a microscope. The most exciting test they had to perform however was saved until the last - the flame test! The boys got to use a Bunsen burner to test different chemicals and absolutely loved this activity.

There were then maths problems to solve for another 'who done it' where all the clues were in the form of different types of code, including Morse code. After lunch it was on to drama to find out 'Who killed Mrs Scarlett', (It was her husband!) and a treasure hunt. The boys also loved the stage make up session and most came home, to the horror of their parents, with black eyes and huge bruises' and cuts!


World Book Day in Year 5

Year 5 had a great time today for World Book Day. They had prepared book recitals, created a pop-up book for their current class reader, The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawn, did a treasure hunt with their Key Stage 1 buddies and read books to them - all dressed in their pyjamas!

Preston Sports Partnership Athletics Event.

Eighteen children form Years 5 and 6 recently took part in an athletics event at Penwortham Priory Academy along with eight other South Ribble schools. The children participated in both field and track events and were a credit to the school. Well done to all those involved.


Automata in Year 5

Last week, the Year 5 classroom was transformed into a carpentry workshop for the day thanks to Brian Kenworthy of Transtech. The children each got to make a moving wooden model featuring either a car or a helicopter and learnt all manner of new skills. They first had to sand down the wood for a wooden frame, then nail it together. Next, they had to create their design feature by cutting around a template on a solid block of wood. They had to use a coping saw which was an extremely tricky new skill to master and then had to file and sand their model down. Next came the pillar drill which they used to create the holes in the frame and the design feature. Finally, the children had to measure and saw the wooden dowels for the cams and piece it all together. The results were outstanding and Brian was thrilled with the effort the children put in and the finish they achieved. He later admitted that this lesson has been used as a Year 8 design technology project at the high school he teaches at!

The children had a great day and learnt lots of new skills and we look forward to working with Transtech again later in the year.

The Rainforest in Year 5

As part of their topic work this term, Year 5 have been learning all about the Amazon Rainforest in South America. They have been studying the climate, habitats and biomes and have linked this with their literacy and art lessons to create a stunning display.

The children have also created models for their homework.

They loved sharing their projects with the other children in the juniors.

We're In The Army Now !

Year 5 had a great time this week when they spent the day with an ex soldier. They learnt how to lift casualties, carry them safely, and learnt different ways of moving a casualty across different terrain.


Year 5 At The Manchester Science Museum

Year 5 had a fantastic time at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. They enjoyed a workshop all about friction and got chance to look around the museum after lunch.

Anti - Bullying Week 14th - 18th November - Cyber-Bullying In Year 5

This week is Anti- Bullying Week at Broad Oak and all the classes will be discussing different aspects of bullying.

Today, Year 5 have worked with Mr Petersons, our Digital Team  Leader to look at different types of cyber-bullying. They concentrated on issues around texting, social media and the internet and worked on how to tackle different senarios that they may be faced with. They looked at how to stay safe while playing computer games over the internet and the dangers of talking to strangers. They also discussed age restrictions for computer games and why these are important.


Please refer to our E-Safety section located under the "Children" heading at the top of the website for lots of useful information and links to numerous E-Safety websites.

For more details on the school's Internet Safety Policy please click the link below:

E-Safety Policy (Reviewed) 2016