Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Have a look at what we get up to now we’re in the Juniors with our teacher Mrs Bush and our teaching assistants, Mrs Petersons and Mrs Johnson.

The following document shows the topics we will be covering this term in Year 3:


Our Ice Cream Enterprise

Whilst some of the Year 3 and 4 children were on their residential visit to Crosby Hall, the rest of the children worked on designing, making, tasting and selling their own ice creams. They had a great time and came up with lots of innovative flavours and toppings. They all agreed that the ice cream they made was the creamiest, yummiest ice cream they had ever tasted.

They also sold ice creams after school and made a profit of over £42.00. The children have voted and have decided that they would like to use the profits for a Year 3/4 BBQ in school time during the next few week.


Year 3 Lottery Fund Garden Design.

Year 3 went to the park last week for a very special reason. They have been asked to help with the second Heritage Lottery bid for the renovation of the Hurst Grange Coach House and surrounding garden.

Despite the rather damp weather, the children were enthusiastic to find out more about the project and the part the school will play in the bid for further funds to create a wildlife garden for visitors to enjoy once the buildings have been renovated. They were impressed by the size of the plot, which gives scope for a huge amount of creativity. We then spent the afternoon bug hunting in the diverse habitats of the Hurst Grange Park. Then it was back to school to create a  portfolio to showcase our ideas. Watch this space!

Year 3's Magic Far Away Tree

Year 3 have really been enjoying reading The Magic Far Away Tree by Enid Blyton. Over the last week, the children have been busy creating their own cloud lands and magic doors and yesterday, they made fudge for Moon-Face. Today, we got a very strange email requesting our presence in The Enchanted Forest and so put on our coats to find the Magic Far Away Tree. Have a look at what we found!


The Power Of Magnets In Year 3

As part of our topic on magnets, Year 3 made maps and mazes on paper plates. They then designed a character and had to move it around their design with magnets. They had great fun


Celebration Of Friendship 2019

This week, the annual Celebration Of Friendship was held at the Preston Guild Hall with a programme of music and dance from sixteen local schools. Broad Oak were represented by thirty children from Years 3 to 6 who performed a dance routine to a medley of songs from The Greatest Showman. Despite the very long day, the children were an absolute credit to the school  from the moment we left at 12.30, to us handing them back to their parents at 9.30 at night. They rehearsed on the massive main stage and watched all the other acts and we even squeezed in a trip to McDonalds before the evening performance. A huge thank you to all the staff, especially Louise Ross, their dance coach, and to the many, many parents who came to watch. I'm sure you will agree that the children were magnificent.


This week in Year 3

We have had ever such a busy first week back after the break. This term in Year 3, our topic is 'The Iron Man' and the children have been thoroughly enjoying reading the story by Ted Hughes. This week, they have been drawing pictures of the giant, based on what they have read about him so far and have today been researching what breakfast cereals would be best for an iron-munching man to eat.

In Maths, we have been looking at upscaling using our multiplication tables. Some of the children used blocks to make a chair, then tried to make one exactly twice the size, while some of the children measured their heads, then had to work out how big their head would be if it was double the size!

We have also been looking at democracy and how Parliament works and have had a gymnastics coach in for P.E.

A Visit From Neighbourhood Services

We had a visitor in Year 3 today from South Ribble Neighbourhood Services. She told the children all about how how they can help look after both their local and wider environment by ensuring that they don't drop litter and use the recycling schemes that are offered locally. The lady also talked about how the council maintain local playgrounds and streets and the danger of unfamiliar dogs. The children found the talk really informative and asked lots of sensible questions.

Lower Junior Party

Year 3 and 4 really enjoyed their party.

Elf Engineers of the Future.

Yesterday afternoon in Year 3, we had an exciting science and craft session with the children designing and  building things for our classroom elf. They had to build bridges strong enough to hold his weight and a raft that would float on water out of straws and lolly sticks. We also had a competition to see who could build the tallest Christmas tree from plastic cups. The children loved these fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) challenges and so did our little friend, the elf!



Year 3 Charity Cake Sale

Year 3 had great fun yesterday making cakes for their bake sale. A huge thank you to all the children who bought in money to buy a cake at break time today. It was a complete sell out and they raised £36.00 for their chosen charity, Rock FM Mission Christmas.

Image result for rock fm mission christmas


Crumble Coding In Year 3

Year 3 tried out Crumble Coding for the first time this week and were challenged to get Rudolph's nose to light up. They relished the chance to have a go at 'real grown-up' programming and were brilliant.


This term in Year 3.

We have had a busy few weeks in our first term in Year 3. As well as doing maths and all the usual stuff, we have been learning about democracy, being the first class in school to try out the Rock Stars Times Tables and having fun PE lessons. In literacy, we have been looking at biographies and in particular studying the work of local hero, Nick Park. We have spent our design technology lessons making clay figures of Wallace and Gromit, which we loved. Have a look at what we have been up to.

We Rock Our Times Tables!

Year 3 performed an assembly to the rest of the school and their parents, all about a new school times tables initiative called Times Tables Rock Stars. The aim is to provide children with a fun, interactive way to learn their tables. The more they play, the more credits they earn, the better their rock star avator becomes and the higher their rock star status becomes. They can battle against the clock, battle with their friends and even battle against other schools who use this programme. The Year 3 children have already started on the road to rock stardom and all the other junior classes are now working hard to catch up.

Have a look at some of the pictures from our assembly:

Roald Dahl Day In Year 3.

Year 3 had a lovely morning making collages of Mr Twit and his disgusting beard then writing all about it. They also did Roald Dahl wordsearches, read the story and watched the BFG to finish off the day.

Crosby Hall Day 3

It was the final day at Crosby Hall but there were still plenty of activities to get through. The children were up bright and early (some, VERY early!) and after a good breakfast, it was back into the woods for the low ropes course and everyone's favourite, the zip wire.  A HUGE thanks to Graham, Kev, Vicky, Amy and everyone in the kitchen for an amazing three days. See you next year.

Crosby Hall Day 2

The sun was shining once again for day two of our trip to Crosby Hall and we began with 'The Nightline'. This is great fun to watch and is where the children have to negotiate their way around an obstacle course whilst wearing black-out goggles. After that, the children went into the woods to make shelters and toast marshmallows. Mmmmm! Then it was down to the lake for the rafting, then on to practice their archery skills in the barn.

Crosby Hall 2018 - Day 1

The Year 3 & 4 children had a wonderful time at Crosby Hall, as did all the staff. There were smiling faces all round and the weather was ideal. It's surprising just how much you can fit in to one day!

The first thing the children had to do was to make their own beds, which some found a little tricky!

Then, it was straight in to the outdoor activities.

And this, ladies and gentlemen is why we ask you to send your children in OLD clothes! - The dreaded SWAMP ! This is the funniest bit of the trip and the children LOVED it!

We finished off the day with some streetdance.

The Romans are Coming!

Year 3 have been learning about the Romans this term with Mr Swithinbank and Mrs Taylor. Whilst half of the class were away at Crosby Hall, they were joined by the remainder of Year 4 and Mr Swithinbank had them all making Roman shields. They had great fun creating them and acting out how the shields were used to defend themselves.

Building Bridges in Year 3.

Last week, the Year 3 classroom was transformed into a carpentry workshop for the day thanks to Brian Kenworthy of Transtech. The children had a great time helping to assemble a huge version of their own bridges that they could then crawl across. Even Mr Swithinbank and Mrs Scanlon risked life and limb on the structure!

The children then created their very own, scaled-down versions of the bridge, sanding down the wood and fixing together the different wooden parts. They had to measure the dowling and cut it to size using a saw, which they really enjoyed. The bridges are now painted and look amazing.


Crosby Hall 2017 Day 3

Day 3

Day 3 brought further action in the woods with bushcraft, the adventure high ropes and everyone's favourite- the zip-wire.

  1. IMG 9963

Dayana was awarded the Crosby Hall Gold Award. Well done Dayana.

These pictures say it all after three action-packed days.

We would like to thank Graham, Kev, Vicky, Madeline and all the staff in the office and the kitchen for the most AMAZING time at Crosby Hall.

See you all next year.

Crosby Hall 2017 - Day 2

Day 2

Day 2 at Crosby Hall was action-packed. We had archery, orienteering, rafting, maze games, outdoor games and the dreaded swamp!

  1. IMG 7377

  1. IMG 7368

And this is why they all came back with clothes caked in mud!

  1. IMG 7486
  2. IMG 7482


Crosby Hall 2017 - Day 1

Day 1

The children were very excited when we set off from school:

The first thing that needed doing when we arrived at Crosby Hall was to make our beds:

Some had more success than others!

Then it was off into the woods to get our helmets on and be shown how to use the different pieces of equipment.


They all had a great time climbing up , over, down and through all the different pieces of equipment. Some did the low ropes course first whilst the others did the tree top adventure course.

The food is great at Crosby Hall and there were clean plates all round:

After tea, it was time for a Street Dance class:

Celebration Of Friendship Evening -Thursday 23rd February 2017

Yesterday, Broad Oak joined fourteen other local primary schools in the annual Celebration of Friendship at Preston Guild Hall. It was a very long day of rehearsals and performance, with the children arriving at 1pm and not leaving until after 9.15pm and no doubt there will be some very tired children (and staff) in Years 3 & 4 today! The event was sold out and the audience were treated to a wide range of musical and theatrical performances.

Our contribution was a brilliant cheerleading piece choreographed by Miss Pattinson and Mrs Bush. The children thoroughly enjoyed their four minutes of fame on the big stage and it will be an experience they will remember forever. Special congratulations must go to Enam and Harry who, despite nerves, bravely stood up and spoke about the school's achievements over the past twelve months, all without the aid of a script. The children were extremely well behaved and were treated to a meal out as part of the day. Well done to everyone involved.

Have a look at some of the pictures from our  amazing day. There are some more on our Twitter account.