Whole School Events



We have made some new bug houses for the Science garden and have been harvesting the last of our Autumn vegetables. This year we
experimented by growing our carrots in tubes to see how long they would grow. The longest, was an amazing 29cm!!

We made soup using the carrots, onions, leeks, tomatoes and potatoes and also made a French onion soup in our Care Club. Mmmmmmmm.

Sport at Broad Oak

We are very proud of the range of sporting activities we offer at Broad Oak which we pay for using our Sports Premium monies. The clubs offered cover all children from Reception Class to Year 6 and so far this year, we have had after-school and lunchtime clubs for football, netball, dance, gymnastics, yoga, multi-sports, Tai Chi and Chinese dancing.


Christmas Lunch for 189!

It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but we managed to get all 187 children and 2 Governors sat down at the same time to eat their Christmas lunch. Thanks to Mrs Hoyles, Mrs Ashton and Mrs Toulson for an amazing feast and to all the staff who served the children and even washed up afterwards. A great time was had by all.

Halloween Disco

The children always love dressing up for a disco and I think this is their favourite!

Roald Dahl Day Winners 2018

As part of our celebrations for Roald Dahl Day, we invited pupils to enter some themed art work or design technology into a competition. It was extremely hard to judge the entries due to the high standard throughout the school but here are the winners who received books and arts and crafts activities. All the children who entered also received a special Roald Dahl pencil. I'm sure you will agree we have some very talented pupils here at Broad Oak.


Macmillan Coffee Morning

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us raise over £300 by supporting our MacMillan Coffee Morning.

Paul Cookson - Performance Poet

This morning, we had a visit from a famous poet. With over sixty titles to his name, Paul Cookson has sold well over three quarters of a million books and his poems appear in over two hundred other books. His best known collections include The Poetry Store, Pants on Fire, The Truth About Teachers, I’d Rather Be A Footballer, Give Us A Goal , Spill The Beans, The Truth About Parents, The World At Our Feet and It’s Behind You! The children loved his assembly which was full of laughs and some classes went on to create their own poems based on his work.



School Games Day in the Juniors

Thanks to the amazing weather we have had this June, I think this is the first sports day we have had that has not had to be put back to a reserve date! This year we introduced a new element to the obstacle race, 'the cargo net' and as you can see, it caused a few problems and lots of laughter!


Royal Wedding Lunch

Today we held a special Royal Wedding Lunch, thanks to our brilliant kitchen team of Mrs Hoyles, Mrs Ashton and Mrs Toulson. The weather was lovely and we managed to get the entire school sitting down together outside in the sunshine. Cheers to Harry and Megan from all at Broad Oak Primary School.




Yes, it finally snowed in Penwortham! OK it wasn't much, but it was enough to get the children excited and some of the younger children had never seen the real thing before.

Children In Need Day 2017

The children (and staff!) had a great time dressing up today. Thank you to all those who contributed to this worthy cause. The school raised £136.90.

Halloween Disco

The children had a great time at the Halloween disco and there were some great costumes on show. The staff joined in the fun too!

Self Defence

This week, Nippon UK came in to school to give a demonstration on the martial art of Ju Jitsu. They showed the children a series of self-defence moves which the children then had chance to practice on each other. Classes at Broad Oak should be starting shortly and more information is available from the office.

Our European Languages Day - 27th September 2017

The children and staff had a great time today doing all things 'French' and there were some brilliant fancy dress costumes on show. They took part in art sessions recreating the work of famous French artists, learnt French songs and enjoyed a highly competitive game of boules. There was also a French cafe serving juices, French breads, pastries and croissants and the children joined in with some fun French lessons. We would like to thank Madame Bailey and the children of Priory Academy who helped with all the activities.

Penwortham Gala 2017 - A WINNING Wizard Day Out!


This year our theme, chosen by the school council, was Harry Potter. It took a lot of hard work to make all the props for the lorry and our thanks go to the parents and children who have helped out after school over the past few weeks.

This is the first year we have ever had to decorate the float in the pouring rain but luckily the skies brightened just as the children got on. Let's hope the weather holds long enough for the procession!

We would like to thank all the parents and staff who were in school very early on Saturday morning to dress the trailer, especially Mrs Yale who organised our participation in the Gala procession and Naylor's Transport for the loan of the lorry. The sausage and bacon sandwiches went down a treat thanks to our Chair of Governors, Mrs Naylor.


What A Busy Day - The Easter Bunny Comes Early

What a busy day we have had today! First thing this morning, the whole school walked to St Leonard's Church for our Easter service. Unfortunately on this occasion, the sun was not shining and for the first time in three and a half years, we arrived at church absolutely soaked!

Years 5 and 6 were brilliant performing and speaking with great confidence and once again we had great support from the parents.

A sincere thank you to all the parents who helped us walk the children down to the church and back as without them we wouldn't be able to do this trip.

The children were so excited when they got back to school as the Easter Bunny had been and he had hidden large plastic eggs all over the school grounds! The children worked in their school teams to hunt for the eggs with their buddies and were rewarded with bags of mini eggs at the end of the day.


Robin of Broad Oak !

The children who were in this term's winning school team enjoyed their end of term treat yesterday - archery! The lucky winners were Beech and they loved their special session as did the B.O.M.P. winners (Broad Oak Model Pupils for this term).

Headteachers For The Day - Maddison and Oliver

Today, was a very special day for Broad Oak as we ran our very first "Headteacher For The Day" day. All the children were invited to apply for the position and wrote a letter to Miss Barton stating why they should be chosen. The following children wrote superb letters and were then interviewed by Emily in Year 6, who is the President of the School Council and by Mrs Johnson. Congratulations to Brandon (Y6), Aimee (Y5), Maddison (Y5), Amy (Y2), Dylan (Y2), and Oliver (Y2) who all got through to the interview process.

After much deliberation, Maddison and Oliver were chosen to take up the joint role of Headteacher for the day. They started off the day by greeting the children and parents as they arrived for school and then went round to each class to let the children know what changes they had made to the school day. There was to be no literacy taught during the day and this was to be replaced with Lego construction and computer games in the Infants and by art and DT in the Juniors.

They also met with Mrs Naylor, our Chair of Governors.

There were changes at lunchtime too with both Miss Tiffin and Mr Stalker sitting at a special table and choosing two friends to have lunch with them. They also allowed the children to play outside where they wanted at lunchtime. The two Headteachers ended the day by taking the assembly and the school loved it. Well done to Oliver and Maddison - the job's yours!



Christmas Bazaar

We did our Christmas fair a little differently this year, with each class making things to sell after school. Our Reception class made salt dough tree ornaments, Year 1 made yummy  marshmallow snowmen and Year 2 completed the Infant contribution with hot chocolate reindeer cones. In the Juniors, Year 3 made marshmallows dipped in chocolate, together with hand made chocolate bars with sprinkles. Year 4 's contribution was a selection of candy canes, sweet cones and decorated biscuits, whilst Year 5 made magic reindeer food.  Christmas cards and wooden tree decorations were created by Year 6.

The event was a huge success with most stalls selling out after only half an hour. Thank you to all the parents and children who came along at the end of the day to help us raise money for school funds.

Children In Need Day - Heroes and Villains

We had a great day today and all dressed up as Superheroes or Supervillains while making lots of money for Children In Need. The staff joined in too!

Anti-Bullying Workshops in Key Stage 1.

Today we have had Preston-basesd drama company, ImagineNation in school working with each year group as part of our anti-bullying week.


Our youngest class have been looking at sharing and how they might feel when others don't share toys and resources with them.


Year 1 looked at friends and friendships. They worked in teams and played a fun game of bingo based on how to be a good friend.


The children in Year 2 looked at good and bad behaviour and how making the wrong choice can have consequences for the rewards they may receive. They also created friendship posters in class.


Anti - Bullying Week 14th - 18th November - Cyber-Bullying In Year 5

This week is Anti- Bullying Week at Broad Oak and all the classes will be discussing different aspects of bullying.

Today, Year 5 have worked with Mr Petersons, our Digital Team  Leader to look at different types of cyber-bullying. They concentrated on issues around texting, social media and the internet and worked on how to tackle different senarios that they may be faced with. They looked at how to stay safe while playing computer games over the internet and the dangers of talking to strangers. They also discussed age restrictions for computer games and why these are important.


Please refer to our E-Safety section located under the "Children" heading at the top of the website for lots of useful information and links to numerous E-Safety websites.

For more details on the school's Internet Safety Policy please click the link below:

E-Safety Policy (Reviewed) 2016