Online Safety

The Internet provides a huge amount of information for children and adults alike. It is a fascinating and effective tool for both teaching and learning, both at home and within school and it is paramount that all users from children to adults are educated on how to use the Internet safely.

Online safety (formally known as E-Safety or Electronic Safety) is often associated with websites such as Facebook, Bebo, Snapchat, Twitter, MSN and many other social network sites. However Online Safety covers all electronic safety such as identifying appropriate and inappropriate e-mails, text messages and much more.

We would ask that you make sure you know what your child/ children are doing online.
It is important to remember that if you allow your child internet access at home, parental supervision is recommended.

Ideally, the computer screen should be in an easily viewable position in the family living area.

Mobile phones, E-readers, tablets, computer games consoles and some TVs can also have Internet access too, so it is not just on computers and laptops.

At Broad Oak Primary School we educate our children on online safety from an early age and this continues throughout school. We have a dedicated online safety policy and online safety is incorporated into all areas of the curriculum where required.

If you have any concerns or queries about online safety please contact Miss R Pattinson:

Have a look at our Online Safety Policy:

We also have several links for parents on keeping children safe online:

The following is a link for the Lancashire Safeguarding Board and has up to date information on all areas of safeguarding :


Mr Petersons has been working hard with our school digital leaders to promote internet safety throughout the school. They are being trained so that they can assist their peers and children lower down the school to use computers safely and effectively. They have also been making posters to display around the school.

Safer Internet Day 2018

We are an official supporter of Safer Internet Day 2018 and now feature on their website.

Safer Internet Day 2017

This year, we have had a week of internet safety events going on throughout the school. Year 6 made some great comic strip posters:

Take a look at our class pages for more details of what we have been up to.

Safer Internet Day 2016

On 9th February this year, we took part in the National Safer Internet Day. We started with a fun assembly looking at the steps we take to keep ourselves safe in everyday life and how we should take the same care when we are on computers. Each class then worked on different activities throughout the week. These ranged from producing Internet safety leaflets and posters to doing online quizzes and looking at password strengths. Luke and Kristoff, our Year 6 School Council members also attended the WRIST School Council Conference at Lostock Hall Community Primary School which focussed on all areas of E-Safety.