Mission Statement

Broad Oak Primary School is dedicated to celebrating the success of individuals and groups where they are empowered to exceed their own expectations and to make a valuable contribution to their society.

Through a caring, safe, supportive, and challenging ethos, we pride ourselves in delivering an excellent quality of education, where mutual respect and opportunity for all are combined with the values of community life.


This is achieved through the following aims:

  • to provide a secure, caring environment
  • to promote self-discipline, moral values and self-esteem
  • to develop each child according to his/her potential
  • to encourage an enthusiastic attitude to learning
  • to promote the growth and development of a partnership between the school, the home and the wider community for the benefit of the children


At Broad Oak we are:

  •  A successful school
  • A happy school
  • A creative & innovative school
  • A hard-working and purposeful school
  • A school which values partnership with parents
  • A school at which pupils’ efforts are valued
  • A school which sets and maintains high standards
  • A school which provide equality of opportunity